We have now moved permanently to Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. It's a small city on Vancouver Island, a ferry boat trip from Vancouver. Peter pretends to be retired after working with satellites and rockets in the space business but gets requests to teach or consult in interesting places. That's how in the last few years we have spent time in Swedish Lapland, Paris, Holland, Bremen, Germany and Toulouse in France. Shirley tags along and braids and writes and shops.


We make kumihimo equipment and sometimes small wooden textile tools. See the "Wooden Tools" Department

Shirley is passionate about "narrow wares" - all sorts of cords, braids and bands. She loves to get other people excited about these techniques, especially kumihimo but also inkle and tablet weaving, using simple equipment or sometimes none at all. A few threads can provide an afternoon's diversion for a 6 year old or be a study in complexity for textile historians. Simple techniques needn't mean simple-minded however, as looking at the past and at people around the world shows. Think about trimmings, jewellery, haute couture, history, and costume.

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