As of March 2021, there still isn't much to report regarding in-person events. Covid-19 is still holding us all with one foot nailed to the ground, but with vaccines now available, we live in hope for the future.

However, both the Braid Society and The American Kumihimo Socciety (AKS) have been organising online classes with Zoom meetings to back them up. What is more, once we technophobes get over ourselves, it actually proves to be a flexible and efficient way to learn. The sessions are recorded so that students can repeat tricky sequences again and again - not always possible with a "real" class. 


Shirley is teaching in May at the AKS Virtual Gathering. There will be classes with five tutors.

Shirley's class is  Hide and Seek on a Disc

Learn three different ways to braid around core yarns, allowing colours to come and go. 

Sunday, May 23rd 12:30 to 2:30

Go to the American Kumihimo Society website and look at Online classes.

There will be a Live Q&A meeting at 11:00 on Saturday, June 8th