Interest Groups with discussion lists

Joining such groups gives you access to a world of knowledge, tips and tricks. No question is too dumb – we have all been beginners at some point.

The Braid Society is not usually a chatty group but if you have a knotty question this is the place to come. Over 1000 members, all braiders.  When you get there, go to the menu on the left and click on “discussion group”.

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On-line tutorials happen roughly every 2 months. In addition, there are lectures by interesting people (for interesting people - us!)

Information from the tutorials is available to download from the website. You don't have to be a Braid Society member, but there extra information is often provided for members.

Braids and Banter: a monthly Zoom live chat. A great place to ask questions and share what you are braiding now. Check tthe Braid Society website

 The American Kumihimo Society, AKS Based in the USA the Society plans to provide support and educational resources to the Kumihimo community, focusing on all of the Americas.. There are on-line tutorials and a yearly "Gathering", this year in San Francisce.

There are on-line classes, study group meetings, work is proceeding on a standard lexicon and you'll find a plethora of information on the website. 

There are many chat and info groups online. Google on "Kumihimo". 

Buying things and
An invaluable source for braiders and weavers. Information, galleries, braiding materials for sale. And useful links.!-- 
A source for many stringy things and a section for kumihimo too. If you are looking for something elusive, Wheat may well know where to find it. Wheat has lots of information packed in around th tempting things to buy.
Links to Ruth MacGregor, Freda Robinson and me too. We are not a shop - just three friends who used to get together a few times a year to do shows. Sadly, we are no longer going to do The Knitting & Stitching Shows, a tough decision after 24 years.

Why “Workshop?” Because we are practical people and we love to get braiding kits into the hands of people at the shows. Each kit is a mini-workshop. Thousands of people attend these crafts fairs and sometimes it feels as if we have demonstrated braiding to each and every one  of them!  Shirley moved to B.C. in Canada in March 2020 and Ruth moved to the West Coast of the USA in the autumn. We planned to attend events in this part of the world - when events can happen again. And we did! ANWG in Bend, Oregon. As of 2023, Freda has retired.
A shop in London; now located near Finsbury Park tube station.


The Braid Society, formed in 1990, promotes all types of braids and bands. Useful pages on techniques, tutors and suppliers.

The American Kumihimo Society, formed in 2016.
The Handweavers Guild of America

Complex Weavers
Don ’t be put off by the “complex ” word. Very kind folks here and they run many excellent study groups, including one for marudai and takadai.
The Association of Northwest Weavers Guilds

Inspiring People, just a few of them for starters
Ruth MacGregor, spinner extraordinaire, teacher and braider. Newsy website.
Rosalie Nielson, rep weaver and braider. Designed the Braid Runner Software program, a joy to curious braiders who love patterns. Fourteen structures for eight bobbin braids. Go. See. Now.
Her big book, is Kongo Gumi - a Cacophany of Spots, Coils, Zags, Lines. 1157 unique designs for many people's favourite braid (the left up, right down braid). Quite astounding!
Carol Franklin. Good discussion about braiding v weaving. Explains how a takadai works.
Juliana Raskin-Schmitz studied with Sensei Hoko Tokoro for many years. Lovely photos of patterns and a fine illustrated history of kumihimo.
Makiko Tada, Sensei to many braiders around the world. Don’t worry about the pop-ups wanting you to install Japanese fonts. Keep an eye open for the English language box to click.


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