Equipment for Kumihimo: Japanese Braiding

Because we do the work ourselves we can usually respond to requests for lighter bobbins, heavier bobbins, or matching lost or missing bobbins. We can make marudais & bobbins of various wood types & legs of various heights (but we recommend the standard 40 cm/16" height.) 

The marudais come apart for easy transport.

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Marudai Bobbins in progress
before filling (left) and capping
padauk marudai purple heart marudai padauk bobbins purple heart bobbins

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Marudai braiding stand in hardwood. The usual diameter is 10 inches.
Usually available: maple, cherry, walnut
Special: padauk, purple heart, curly maple, jatoba, when we can get the wood.

Larger marudais, when available. 11+ inches, sometimes, 12 inches

Special woods, as above




 Bobbins: 70 grams, all woods except
Purple heart, padauk and lacewood bobbins
each $8.00
each $9.00 
 Set of 16 bobbins: 70 grams
Set of 16 bobbins, special woods, purple heart, padauk, lacewood
 100 gram bobbins
each $10.00
Counterweight pouch
Counterweights: lead "coins", approx 70 grams
ea. $2.00
Set for 8 bobbins (4 x 70 g "coins")
Set for 16 bobbins (8 x 70 g plus 1 x 35 g "coin")
Complete Set which includes:
Regular marudai, sixteen 70g bobbins, chopstick, 8 x 70 g plus 1 x 35 g counterweight "coins" and pouch
 Prices are in US Dollars & Subject to Change. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for up-to-date price lists reflecting currency fluctuations in Canadian $, British £ and Euros.  


Peter turns the marudai tops using hardwoods from all over the world.
Drills them out.
Shirley fills them with molten
lead and caps them. She then sands, waxes and buffs.